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Sopranino Accessories

recommends the following accessories for the Sopranino Saxophone...

Accessories purchased at the same time as saxophones are shipped FREE of additional shipping charges.

Vandoren Traditional reeds (box of 10 sopranino)  = $24.99
please specify strength  ( #2, #3, #4)
Vandoren Basic Reed Resurfacer = $6.95
Vandoren Deluxe Etched Glass Reed Resurfacer Plate and Glass Rush = $44.95

Reed Cases
Rico Reedgard IV,  holds 4 reeds for alto / soprano / sopranino = $3.95

Mouthpiece Cushions
BG France, clear thin, small for sopranino = $6.95

Mouthpiece Bags
BG Padded Ventilated Mouthpiece bag  = $14.95

Sax Neck Straps
Highly reommended!
saxforte Classic neck strap = $33.99 - $45.99  (Small: for Sopranino)
saxforte Anatomical neck strap  = $39.99 - $49.99  (Small: for Sopranino)

Sax Swabs
PLEASE DO NOT use Pad Savers!!   Professional quality saxophones must be swabbed follwing use.
BG France A33 for Sopranino Sax = $13.25
BG France A65S Pad Driers to dry wet pads = 6.95

Polishing Cloths
Vandoren Microfiber instrument polishing cloth = $13.95
BG France Microfiber Polishing Cloth = $9.95

Care for Lacquered Finishes
Selmer Polishing Cloth for Lacquered Instruments = $5.95
Selmer Polishing Gloves for Lacquered Instruments = $9.95
Selmer Creme Lacquer Polish = $3.95

Care for Silver-plated or Gold-plated Finishes
Selmer Plated Finish Polishing Gloves = $10.95
Selmer Plated Finish Polishing Cloth = $6.95
Blitz Silver Polishing cloth = $5.95

Anti Tarnish Strips
A must for silver-plated saxophones.
3M Silver Protector Strips (pack of 10) = $11.40
(prevents tarnish in the case, highly effective)

Key Oil
Superslick Key Oil pinpoint oiler = $9.49

Pad Papers
Yamaha Powdered Pad Papers (keeps pads from sticking) = $6.49

Sax Stands
ProTec Double Compact Folding Stand for Alto / Tenor = $119.99
ProTec Compact Folding Stand for Alto or Tenor = $59.99
ProTec Soprano Peg OR Clarinet, Flute or Sopranino Peg for ProTec stands only = $14.99